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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gold gun, girls

All that glitters truly is gold. I am dreaming of a gold Christmas, and any other cliches, even of the amended kind, you can dream of. Gold is festive. Gold equals Christmas. Here are some gift giving ideas surrounding the theme of Gold.

1. Lomography Fisheye camera- similar here, not gold though. I wanted to buy a fish eye lens for my SLR but they were more expensive than my entire camera so I decided against that and went for this from Urban Outfitters. Decent quality photos, but, getting the film developed is SO expensive. I think last time it was £8 for the one film? This seems crazy to me, I am sure it is normal but I now use black and white film because my mum can develop them for me in our little make-shift darkroom/ shoe closet. Good present though. I have had so much fun with it and drag it on most days out.

2. Vintage Gold tone jewellery- Etsy. Etsy is an utter gold mine. I love it, honestly the best jewellery and findings are on there. You just have to be patient with searching or know what you are looking for. Here are some of my top picks, 1, 2, 3, 4. Sadly, it is probably too late to get things shipped over now as some shops take an age to deliver and customs charges can suck, ask the seller if they can label it as a "gift" to avoid the charges.

3. Gold collar tips- to me this is what collar tips should be. Not ones with crazed bull faces on them or spiders. Cutesy, they should hold your cardigan together. Take Emma Pillsbury for inspiration. These babies were a gift and I should wear them more. Check Etsy and eBay for them!

4. Arpege- Lanvin. I like it, but someone did ask who smelt like Grandma's and it turned out to be me wearing this. So if you don't want to smell like charity shops to some maybe steer clear? Buying someone their favourite perfume is such a safe bet when it comes to buying gifts. Everyone wears it and will use it in the future and some people scrimp on it because it can be quite expensive. Just don't buy one they don't like.

5. Essie in Shift Power- I can't speak highly enough of Essie nail polishes. They are the only ones I use now, slave to habits. This gold is lovely, good coverage and staying power. Love it!

6. Urban Decay Glitter liner in Baked- For those who want glittery eyes. I love glitter so if I can have it all over my face I would so this is great for me. The only thing, I find it kind of burns near the eyes... at least until it dries. I have eczema so maybe that is the problem, but after it does dry and the pain subsides I can proceed with my day with sparkly eyes. All good things.

7. If you are really struggling for a gift for someone, I always think a nice photo in a pretty frame does the trick. It is personal and seems a lot more thoughtful than it perhaps is. Often framing photos is something that people never get round to doing so it is quite a sweet present!

Oh, and the gold sequined item under all these photos is a skirt from Zara. Hope you enjoyed my gold themed gift ideas. Have you managed to get all your Christmas shopping done or are you going to attempt to shop in the Christmas Eve rush?

With love from,

Emma x


  1. Argh, I love this post! It is so Christmasy and magical thanks to the amazing photos! I've wanted a lomo camera for ages but can't decide which one to get. Think I'll start cheap and see what happens haha!
    Bemsy x

    1. ha, I know, it may be almost too gold? Unsure!! I love my fish eye, it was a good buy. I think you can also get a fish eye attachment for iPhones too so that might be good for a first fish eye?

      Let me know if you get one! I'd love to see the photos!!

      Emma x

  2. Those collar tips are so cute! And the liner looks pretty awesome too

    1. They are good! I do need to wear them more!!

      Emma x

  3. J'adore tes photos!


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