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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Favourite Things: Graduation Edition

Well, on Friday I graduated. I know can be one of those people who add their degree titles at the end of their email signature. I could be, but I won't. Although I didn't and I don't have that many feelings about graduation (it just kind of crept up on me!) I felt I should still share some pictures. All that I was grateful for was that I did not fall over, my shoes were not the most sensible, but they were a compromise, I was considering wearing these babies.

Although I wasn't that psyched about my own graduation I was so happy to see my best friend graduate. She deserves everything and more and looked beautiful like always! So, to my wifie, congratulations, but sorry your present is late.

Finally, My university- thank you for being such a beautiful place to study and pose in front of on Friday.  However, Glasgow weather, seriously, you suck- rain on graduation??? These pictures were not taken on the day of Graduation as it resembled a drunk ant hill.

Congratualtions to anyone else who has graduated recently! 

With love from,

Emma (MA) x

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gonna wash my bones in the Atlantic shore

(Dress: Topshop with sleeves taken off, ugly feet: posers own) #teenvogue

I found this dress in my cupboard a few weeks ago having never worn it. I bought in Topshop sale, I have this strange feelings for clothes that are left in sale for weeks and weeks, homeless and unwanted. Working in Topshop did nothing if not amass a section of my wardrobe accumulated due to my feminine feelings for rejected clothing. But when I rediscovered it again and tried it on I still felt weird in it. It originally had fussy sleeves that made it look a bit, well cheap. So I just grabbed the stitch ripper and took them off. Looks a bit more balanced now. I might have to revisit some of my other sale rejects and see if I can love them a bit more.

P.S. sorry for my blogging absence- balancing a full time job with general life is proving difficult. However, I graduate on Friday! Exciting, but I'll attempt to schedule a post for Thursday, so see you then!

With love from,

Emma x

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Against Privacy

(Ee tee: American Apparel, botanic shorts: Forever21, Shoes: H&M, Purse: Prada (oh, so old- strap came off twice...) #teenvogue

So many crotch shots and leg showcasing, sorry guys, I did refrain from uploading the sneaky bum pictures Stuart took. This outfit was not meant for the blogosphere but how pretty is this forest? It's PINK! Moving on, these shorts are great, a measly £12 I think and the quality is great and the pattern is all kinds of rad. Also, can't believe it took me this long to get this bag on here. It has to be the scabbiest Prada in history. It is at least 3rd hand and my first designer item. Perfect size and housed my geography folder for many a year in secondary school. To you Mr Faithful Prada.

With love from,

Emma x

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Favourite Things

1. Make-up Brush lovin'. I am not a make-up girl and I never will be but when you get a tool that makes your easy make-up look just that bit better with minimal effort I am there. I love brushes, excluding the odd feeling that I am in fact, painting my face. Seen above is a mix of the Body Shop, Forever21 and the infamous Real Techniques core collection. I find the face brushes my biggest savior, it really makes my foundation last longer and saves that streaky tide mark, which, I ashamedly have had more than once. I actually love the Forever21 ones, they were awfully cheap and it gives me the tools to mess around with eye make-up- aka practice my panda/ Taylor momsen black eyes.

 2. Casual bird watching. My garden, it is bird free. Full of 5 killer cats though. However, Stuart lives with two pups that the birds seem indifferent about so I actually get to see wildlife. Here's a blue tit... ahhh, tit... funny.

3. Made some twee cupcakes. I love my new piping nozzle that makes this grass effect, it was originally purchased to make a cake for my granddad's birthday- he likes bowls, grass piping nozzle seemed logical. Anyway, before I ruined an 80th birthday cake figured I should try it out. Made chocolate cake soil too- commitment to twee! Also, surprise:

Tony couldn't leave me alone for a minute. Creeper going to creep! (And kill birds)

 Happy Sunday everyone!

With love from,

Emma x

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Narcissus in a red dress

The Like: Narcissus in a Red Dress

(Lanvin for H&M copy: Chicwish, Origami clutch: DIY, Shoes: DIY) #teenvogue

Oh, a double DIY outfit. I saw this DIY post of this Maison Martin Margiela bag here on These Days, A bargain with just using old fabric that was actually used to upholster a chair and some excess curtain fringing. Much cheaper than even the sale price. Dress is a copy from the Lanvin for H&M collection that many years after it came out I decided I actually liked it so found this copy on Chicwish. Fraction of the Lanvin price which is a good thing as this was actually the first time I wore it... but now I have an experienced the tulle in motion I might wear it a bit more.

With love from,

Emma x

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The "What is in my bag" tag and competition

I was tagged by the little miss lovely Alice from Cup and Saucer to do a "What is in my bag" post, everyone should check out her blog, she is very witty and gives me a good giggle as well as being absolutely lovely!

Alice tallied up how much in monetary value she carried around with her but I don't want to know, I did a drunk calculation once when I was  trying to negotiate my way home but only freaked myself out more knowing that most of my expensive items were on me. Heavy items though so I could have bashed any threat over the head with my handbag... Anyway, my handbag is new and a butter soft leather one from H&M of all places. It is pretty great as it has lots of pockets and compartments for all my sundry items.

So general stuff in my bag:

My purse: which is a mulberry one, excellent size, I can fit so much in it, not just cards but change too.
Umbrella: I live in Scotland, it rains.
Glasses: My eyesight is actually pretty shocking, but as I am vain I don't wear my glasses a lot. I mostly wear them at work or if I get a headache.
A pen: when would carrying a pen round not be helpful? I carry around a "fancy" one I got given at work because then I won't lend it to people and end up pen-less like every time I actually do lend out a pen.
Plasters: I am terrible for having inflated confidence in new shoes and often neglect breaking them in, which results in feet that look, well like mine, blister central.
A diary: I am the worst at remembering anything I have committed to. Seriously, I am that person who remembers that they are seeing someone and the day but who this person is never really sticks in my brain. As a result I always double book. Always. This even happens at work, which is not remotely professional so I have to grow out of it as soon as possible.


Iphone: My personal phone, this germ infested piece is my best electronic friend and time waster.
Blackberry: Work phone, but I can't use it. Blackberries baffle me, it takes me 3-4 attempts to get my password in right and I actually dislike the thing. It is not user friendly at all.
ipod: my iphone's memory is not huge, my music alone would fill it and I am really sentimental over old messages/ conversations and pictures so I kept on deleting my music from my iphone or rationalising it on itunes when I synced, which was rubbish, when driving home at Christmas when I really wanted to listen to my christmas music only to find I had deleted all of it. Not a problem now!
Keys: I am the key master, I make lovely music when I walk...

(This explains why my bag is always so heavy.)

Cosmetic bag: Accessorize- a great purchase, originally purchased after the hair spray accident of 09' when I had a giant bottle of hair spray in my purse and the lid had come off, I then pressed the nozzle down, seemingly with my armpit strength, spraying the entire inside of my bag with hairspray, so much that it came through to the outside, not great, looked like pee and stained really bad.

This bag was intended to shield my bags a little from all the potentially messy things I put in my bag. Now it is handy because I swap my bags around all the time so I just dump this is what ever bag I am using without picking through what I actually want to take with me.

Lipsticks: Left to Right; Mac, YSL, Burt's Bees, Paul and Joe, Revlon and Dior. Seriously too many I know. Actually when I emptied my bag to do this post I took out another 4, thinking that 10 was a little excessive...

Perfume: Vera Wang; "Glam" Princess- contrary to the name this perfume is unfussy and pretty. It smells strongly for ages as well, which is a major plus for me.
Anti-scratchy cream: I have eczema, which is water and stress triggered. I am very rough when it comes to itching, I can't "itch around it" I really go for it, so I got this cream thinking it was worth a go and it does work, it is a minty/ spicy kind of formula that seems to distract me from the itch.

Lip balm: Nuxe Reve de Miel. You will have seen this before, I too love it. It is expensive but it will last for ages and they sell it in M&S in the beauty department I didn't know they had. Very heavy duty, a bit clarty and sticky so I normally wear it at night but it is fine if you just put a bit on.
Mirror: Forever 21, having a mirror and using it to apply lipstick works a lot better, and attracts a lot less attention than doing it in your iphone screen like I used to do.

That is all that is in my bag, but I thought I would rave about this bag a bit more. If you want to skip this section just remember what everyone else has written about the Zara city bag and apply. If you are still reading, I love this bag because it is great for work, the main pocket contains all my items I would use for both like my cosmetic bag and keys but the front/ back zipped sides separate my home and work life. I keep my blackberry, my diary, glasses and ID in one pocket and my iphone etc in the other. This is so great because you know where everything is and don't have the repeated experience of driving into your handbag for your iphone which is ringing and coming out with a blackberry which is not.

Hope you enjoyed this, it was certainly eye opening for me. 

This is actually a competition to win a mulberry bayswater, purse and iphone case hosted by money supermarket, so look at the rules here I am tagging;

 Beka Nicole from that seams lovely

Charlotte  from fashion girl

 Hannah  from dimples diary

 Hannah  from tea. three. sugars

 Maddy  from unstitchedd

 Snow  from garoons

But please, any other followers please have a go and link me below, I love nosing around others bags and realising that I carry too much junk around with me.

Love for love,

Emma x
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