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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Go Wildcats!


(Tee: Ashish for Topshop, Skirt: ASOS, Shoes: River Island, Jacket : H&M, Bag: Mulberry, Necklace: Made by my sister)

So Glasgow is nice huh? Glasgow College is particularly a looker, can't beat a 1960's skyscraper but honestly, Glasgow is nice. I promise.

With embellished items of clothing my general rule of thumb before buying is, "could I make this"? I always find that anything in stores that has some studs, or beading is really over-charged for what it is and a pet hate is that it NEVER carries on to the back! WHY? Topshop, I am thinking of you! Mini rant over, this skirt from ASOS is not like this. It was not expensive for what it is and it is so heavy in beading, I honestly think it adds a good half stone to my body weight. As a result it is also good in the wind, no flashing will be had in this baby. Yeah, I like this skirt. Grab it now, it's in sale as well!

These River Island shoes, are not remotely my style, but I saw them online with their little cut outs and vampy pointed toes and thought I would give them a go. I actually thought they would look cute with trousers, but I never wear trousers so that logic was flawed. Anyway! I actually really like them, they are very different to the rest of my shoes. Thin heels is a new thing to me so it has taken until I had accidentally ripped the heels up a bit to realise that stilettos aren't good on cobble stones, or any floor surface with cracks come to think of it. But, whatever, they make my feet appear small so I bless them nightly.

With love from,

Emma x

Monday, November 26, 2012

My favourite things

I was thinking that it might be a nice idea to do a routine Sunday post, or weekly, I am undecided yet. I plan to feature things that are my favourite things of the week. Ranging from jewellery, home items, food, gifts, make-up... the list goes on, just anything really. But I have a lot of stuff so... lets commence!

1. I set out to get some sharpies as I found a tutorial online which showed that if you draw on ceramic with sharpies and then bake it in the oven to make it stick. I thought this seemed fun so I headed to the nearest stationary store. Having settled on a small pack with pretty normal colours, I went to the till... but then these pastel ones caught my eye. I blame my female weakness for then squealing in excitement and buying these instead (despite them being in a smaller packet and more expensive!). But come on... pastel sharpies... that is pretty fun. I justify their use by being a history student... we write and stuff. Note: unsure why my transatlantic slave trade notes has the word polygamy in it.

2. Wearing boyfriends clothes even though my wardrobe is more than nine times larger... I think most girls are guilty of this. Boy clothes are comfy and roomy and even though I bought clothes specifically for "lounging" because I knew I would spend a lot of time at home writing my dissertation I still find myself squirreling away items of his wardrobe when he is out. Unashamedly I even wore this jumper to the cinema just with a pair of tights and a coat. Trampy I know. But the cinema was close and the jumper covers butt so it can be deemed acceptable.

3. Speaking of wardrobes, I heart mine at university. It is infinitely larger than my one at my parents house and I can hang the majority of it up, colour coded of course... It makes for a much better morning dressing experience and I love it. I love seeing it all hanging up, all pretty and neat while holding back the tears on how much it must have cost me, and how many times I could have flown to Hawaii if I didn't have it all. Oh well. Girl problem number three!

With love from,

Emma x

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pull my hair

 (Silk top: Urban Outfitters, Watermelon Skirt: DIY, Under skirt: Topshop, Shoes: Marni x H&M, Necklace: eBay, Bracelets: Miscellaneous)

Nothing like spinning around your living room on a week night in a poofy skirt while wearing a bow in your hair! I find adding one of these tutu underskirts to any outfit makes my mental age drop significantly and results in continuous sashaying and twirling. 

I did a little DIY on this former Topshop skirt that I got from eBay, I purchased little drop Czech glass beads from online to act as the seeds and got some grosgrain ribbon for the waist band. It was a simple and rewarding DIY, if not slightly childish, this is honestly the skirt of my 10 year old dreams. Since finishing this one I have furthered my potential sewing-mental-breakdown by considering other fruits I could make, Strawberry is top of my list. 

If anyone wants instructions on how to make this skirt or information on where I got the materials just ask! I'm sure if I make another, a friend would be a happy bunny!

Does anyone have any other fruits on their mind that would make a good skirt?

With love from,

Emma x

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You’re my excuse to Travel

(Dress: DIY dip-dye and shoulder embellishments, Belt: Peter Jensen, Pink Wedges: ASOS, Necklace: eBay.)
Winter beach walks are nice, cold but pleasant. I felt rather proud of myself that I braved taking off my jacket for these! Take that weather! People did stare though. Wedges are also not good in sand, there was so much slipping... people stared at me for the the shoes as well. Sorry for the lens flare overload! I was pretty excited about having something nice to photograph as apposed to skyscrapers.

The dress was from ASOS originally but I did my specialty of adding crap to crap because I like sewing. I can't sit and watch TV now without sewing, otherwise I get a bit fractious, I have just finished a skirt that I am excited to so you all. Anyway, I bought boring shoulder pads and embellished them, I am not sure I like them on this dress, but it is better than having them in my sowing box gathering dust, so they can grace this dress until I find the perfect one for them. I also very sutbly dip dyed this dress blue too, I like the effect as it looks kind of water colour, but I have been considering making it a bit darker. It's a shame that the colour didn't really come through in these photos.

So weird that the photos look so different depending on who takes them, my mum took these and there was a lot more of my face, but with the boyfriend behind the camera there are an awful lot more body shots, not sure how I feel about this yet? At least my mother likes my face, what's the phrase... A face only a mother could love. True!

With love from,

Emma x

Monday, November 19, 2012

When the curious girl realises she’s under glass

(Tee: Erdem for Topshop)
I am like one of those middle aged ladies that go to weddings and buy a purse, large hat and shoes that all freakishly, and rather impressively, exactly match their lavender dress. Well bring it ladies, I match my clothes to my bed linen. As a side note, the purchase of the two was accidental, not intentional. But I think I do have a thing for buying things printed like a Ming Dynasty plate. Like a bee to honey.
With love from,
Emma x

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trembling midnight lands

 (Top and Sequin Skirt: ASOS, Shoes: Topshop, Jacket: H&M, Bag: Mulberry)

Yeah, I like ASOS, they have rocked this season. I really enjoy this jumper. It is high enough in the neck to compensate for its low back and makes me feel all professional and classy until my bubble is broken by someone telling me that my bra strap is out. And let's face it, Audrey Hepburn wouldn't have her bra strap out. Classiness is instantly gone. I also like grey tees. They go with EVERYTHING. Truly, got something featuring a crazy pattern with crocodiles or sloths on it and don't know what to wear it with, the solution is a grey marl tee. I recently talked myself out of purchasing yet another grey jumper because I already had one (two), but found myself, nose against the shop window the next morning to buy it after all.

As a bit of a disclosure, I should probably state that I actually don't like horses... I have had bad experiences. Numerous in fact. Most memorable was the Mustard incident... So I was like any 10 year old girl, I wanted to like horses so started to go to horse riding lessons. One day we went out for a group walk on the horses and at the end of the walk the horse I was on kind of collapsed. Poor Mustard fell to the ground, with me still on top, crushing my leg. I have blocked out what happened next, I was told he lived to enjoy polo's another day but I can't be sure, I may have heard someone mutter something about glue... I think my fear is perfectly seen in this picture, they can sense my fear:

With love from,

Emma x

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What’s a girl to do?

(Tee: Peter Jensen, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: DIY, Bag: Zara, Faux Fur Tail: Etsy)

Just noticed that my skirt is smaller than my handbag, that is not a good ratio. I wanted a pleated leather skirt for ages and found this one and liked that it didn't have that elasticated waist like the Zara one. But holy cow, it is so short, definetly a skirt to wear with your best underwear or some thick tights.  I fully embraced my inner tramp and went for it. It was cold out.

 I love Peter Jensen, and this tee came up on eBay so I went for it. It is a very odd fabric, dare I say fleece? Not that there is anything wrong with fleece but it only featured in my wardrobe choices when I was 5 and my mum dictated what I wore and unlike now it revolved around "what will keep Emma warm and prevent endless complaining?". Now, as a "grown-up" I have embraced the cold and the whining and generally never dress weather appropriate. But hey, maybe this fleece PJ top will save me from contracting a cold this winter! One can always hope!

With love from,

Emma x

Saturday, November 10, 2012




(Dress: Topshop via Ebay, Belt: Miu Miu, Shoes: Primark)

Found this little gem in the treasure trove that is Ebay, I actually never remember this being in Topshop and I worked there on and off for the last 3 years. I would have remembered this. It reminds me of that Christopher Kane dress! Dare I say that I actually prefer this Topshop knock-off?

Sorry for my ugly man feet on show here, I tried to hide them by scrunching them up into my shoes with little success. I really do hate feet, they are just ugly hands, but I saw these shoes pop up on some other bloggers page and thought I would give them a go so ventured with my tail between my legs into Primark. They are pretty good quality for the price they were but I find my skeleton feet sliding around in them, pity really as they are rather sassy shoes.

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