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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Someday you will be old

Scuba Skirt- H&M Trend // Polo neck- Primark // Lava Necklace- Cos // Handbag- River Island // Pumps- Zara // Sunglasses- Celine

The day these photos were taken was almost the day I got close to ticking a very important life time ambition off the y'olde bucket list. It's in the top 5 for sure. I really want to hug a lamb. So growing increasingly persistent about this bucket I decided to get proactive and told my family that all I wanted for my birthday was to hug a lamb. My birthday came and went with no lamb hugs, until a few days later mum said she had a present for me. It was a lamb, of sorts. A lamb skin rug, huggable for sure but not exactly what I was imagining. My stress forehead vein increased in size, pulsing, as she pointed out it's cute little spots. The realisation that this was not entirely what I had in mind sunk in and she said she would return it. On the weekend we drove out to the Tannery to get something less mentally scaring. In the tannery I settled on a pink/ nude sheep rug, with the thought process that it didn't remind me much of a sheep being power pink. While exchanging it I made it clear to the farmer that I really liked lambs. My wide eyed enthusiasm wasn't working (I imagine it was most likely borderline manic) and I was slowly accepting defeat. Then a lady came in with her kids, they had a scheduled visit to see his lambs. I subtlety (no-one will believe that) managed to negotiate going in on this seemingly exclusive visit limited to children under ten. I followed the farmer to his farm (kids, don't do this, stranger danger), making sure I was first in line before all the kids. He then showed off all his newly born lambs from the week, SO CUTE! Still no physical contact with the little baes though, until he wondered off, I stayed behind trying to coax one over to me, then this little skippy guy appears from the door the farmer left open and jumps over to me. So much petting, especially of the ears, so soft. He was an orphan and was being bottle fed and was therefore okay for me to pet without getting disowned by his family for smelling like humans. 20 minutes of petting later, the kids had got bored and the farmer was growing weary of my enthusiasm. So, no actual hugs, but pretty close.

Hopefully, it's not just my boyfriend who finds this story endearing...

Em x

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