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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drink up Baby Doll

 (Graphic Floral Dress: ASOS Salon, Feather purse: River Island, Wire necklace: ASOS, Belt: Peter Jensen) #teenvogue

I bought this dress for my boyfriends Graduation Ball (I will never go for a long, shiny, polyester, fitted dress with diamonds on it for Prom/ Dances). This dress is fancy but not too fancy that you couldn't wear it again. I feel like Betty Draper but with less perfect hair, I love the old fashion silhouette and style. It's a classic. Check out the ASOS Salon collection, it's all kinds of pretty, perfect for those summer wedding outfits.

I am heading off to Croatia this weekend for two weeks of burning, hopefully when I return I will feel a bit more inspired to blog and pose for the camera- I have been pulling a lot of ugly faces in my last few attempts to take pictures. 

Emma x

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wind it up

( Clock silk blouse: Vintage, Two tone pleated skirt: H&M Trend, Shoulder bag: River Island, Sunglasses: Celine) #teenvogue

This feels like the most hypocritical post ever. I spent my Friday afternoon volunteering to cut these trees down and promptly returned on Saturday to pose next to them. I don't like hypocrites so let's move on to (I think) my cheapest vintage purchase from the "5 Euro store" in Le Marais in Paris. 5 Euros well spent while my boyfriend queued for my falafel.I miss you Paris. For the food and cheap vintage.

Emma x

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bubblegum bitch

(Pink dress: Three Floors, Lace colour block bra: Cos, Shoulder bag: River Island, Wedges: ASOS) # teenvogue

Oh my gawd! Pink! Basically bought this on a whim as it was perfect for my couples Halloween costume plans for this year. Or maybe that was an excuse when I reached the checkout. The clue is in the song and in the diamante pretzels taking up residence on my hip bones. Digressing into quality, I am pleasantly surprised by Three Floors. I used to think the stuff was over priced but the quality on this is really A+. I may buy from then again.

Much love,

Emma x
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