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Monday, March 23, 2015

You are not a saint

Skirt, shoes and mini bag -& Other Stories // basic tee - ASOS // Fringe necklace- Forever21 // Pearl and turquoise necklace- Vintage  #teenvogue

Oh this skirt, what an epic love story. I saw it online but it was sold out in all sizes but the largest, so, the strategic stalking began. Finally, after a few weeks of obsessive shopping disorder one came back in so I dived on it. When it was delivered, what a good thing to come home to, I hugged it and loved it, then tried it on... Oh.. issue. Either my bum is disproportionately large or the zip in this skirt was too short. Regardless, the only way to get it on was over my head. Distraught, the love affair was over. I desperately tried to find it when I was in London, the shop assistant must have thought I had a problem as I explained my butt to waist ratio and cursed my genetics. No avail. By then I was way past my return date as well so I had two options, build a shrine to my once glorious love or get the scissors out. Scissors and a new zip later my faith in true love was restored.

Forever yours skirt,
(unless my bum increases again in size)

Emma x

Monday, March 2, 2015

The masks that the monsters wear

Bambi pants: Emma Cook, Off the shoulder top: Vika Gazinskaya for Other Stories, Fur: Miss Selfridge, Shoes: Zara, Purse: 3.1. Phillip Lim

I am obsessed with deer, as you can tell from my header. But all is not what it seems, I am also scared of them. Illogical? I totally agree. It all started with that trip every child has to Santa's grotto. I was 6, meeting the one and only Santa was an exciting prospect, the internet wasn't really a thing so I didn't know about this, turns out a sketchy Santa would be pretty low down on my list of my childhood induced fears. I was petting Dancer, or Vixen, or one of the other 7, while eating a particular delicious Mars Bar ice cream, having a great time, when the deer spooks, turns its head, and smacks me with its antlers. 

The dropped ice cream and bruised face were a disappointing fact of life, but the fear developed on Christmas eve when my sister told me they would be back to finish the job. I had to stay in my parents bed that Christmas Eve.

P.S. So I don't seem discriminative I am scared of a large range of animals, including, not limited to; horses, hippos, leeches, eels, snakes, any spiders bigger than a money spider, octopi, needle fish, cookie cutter sharks, killer whales, not a fan of dolphins either, big dogs, seagulls from Scotland. Then there is everything that is not an animal that I am scared of, from the doctors to tissues. Yup.

With love from,

Emma x
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