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Monday, September 29, 2014

Girl Scout cookie

 (Raccoon/ Cartoon Dress: ChicWish, Red ammo belt: Karl Largerfeld, Beat-up loafers: Zara, Bag and scarf: Vintage) #teenvogue

This is the only thing I have ever purchased clothes wise that my boyfriend said was ridiculous. Considering everything, I am impressed it took this long. And I am not denying that this dress is ridiculous, it is hardly the product of a sane mind. But it has embroidered racoons- the cutest masked villains and a tent, and some lady bugs and a compass and a log and some blue tits and what I think is a portable record player. Basically it is an accumulation of all things I love about Moonrise Kingdom, except Suzy's cape coat (which I need some derivative of).

Zany purchase- just saying- but it makes me happy and clothes should do that. Plus some cute old lady in a cafe told me she liked my outfit, so it's grandma approved.

With love from,

Em x

Monday, September 15, 2014

We love giraffes

(Zodiac Top: & Other Stories, Wool skirt and bow shoes: Topshop, pleated under skirt: Zara, Giraffe purse: River Island) #teenvogue

Yup, Animals is spelt wrong, correct spelling for the name of the song. Or I have been misled. I have never been one to read my horoscope unless I am wanting a giggle at my predicted expense but this sweater is rad.

Although I totally lucked out on my birth month and year (Chinese Zodiac), either way I am the goat or the sheep. Neither are particularly flattering I must say. My sister was born in the year of the bunny and is a zodiac fish. So much zodiac envy.

Much love,

Emma x

Thursday, September 4, 2014

“The North remembers.”

(Backless dress: H&M Trend, Purse and sandals: ASOS, Sunglasses: Celine, Earrings: eBay) #teenvogue

3 different hair combinations, 1 post. Croatia, you are hot! All heat punishment was not even worth it, my tan attempts are fading. I bought this dress ages ago but I committed to save it until Dubrovnik because the pattern reminded me of the sea of roofs in Old Town. I must admit saying true to that commitment was hard with this hanging, neglected in my wardrobe. 

It even matched a beautiful stray kitten that I cried about for an hour, so dramatically that my boyfriend and best friend, in an attempt to move me from the kitten, bought food and water for it while googling the legalities of me taking it home to Scotland. I cried about a lot of stray cats in Croatia, it was getting so pathetic that we kept cat food in our car just in case. When I grow up I am having a cat sanctuary like this champ. 500 cats, what a dreamy existence.

Keep your eyes out for my Croatia guides in the coming weeks on the blog and on Atlas Addict.

With love from,

Emma x

Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh what a web I have woven myself in

 ( Geometric dress: H&M Trend, Pink purse: River Island, Shoes: Peter Som x Made in Kind, Sunglasses: Celine, necklace: Vintage) #teenvogue

If and when I decide to spawn this dress will be a god send. Roomy. This was one of those items you were oddly attracted to, then you take it to the changing room and like it more than anything else you took in. Not sure why, but the maternity smock style was obviously doing it for me that day.

Much love,

Emma x
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