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Friday, May 15, 2015


Cherry Blossom skirt- Romwe // Broderie blouse- ASOS // Pumps- Zara // Bag- River Island

My obsession with Magnolia trees has no boundary. That is one of my main wishes for when I get my house, is having my very own magnolia tree. If I wasn't such a baby I would have a magnolia flower tattoo, alas, a very real fear of needles has put a stop to that- you are welcome mum.

Sadly, for me, the magnolia season will soon be over. A happy thought however, for anyone in my company. Soon my excessive gasping, arm pulling, or casually taking cuttings for my room will be over for another year.

Em x

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oy with the Poodles already!

 Poodle skirt: H&M Trend // cut out jumper: & Other Stories // Lace up shoes: Primark // Purse: Philip Lim // Fur ball: Tourist shop in Iceland // small charmed necklace: Accessorize // branch necklace: Forever 21

Frantically adding scuba full skirts to my wardrobe like a desperate addict. My longer ones I have a habit of wearing to work, why? It's like wearing a duvet on your bum and why deny comfort like that?! On the weekends off, go braless for some middle boob cleavage (unsurprisingly not a thing) and don your wildest scuba skirt in the country.

With love from,

Emma x
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