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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired

(Great Gatsby sweater: Out of Print Clothing, Wool Skirt: Topshop Boutique, Shoes: DIY, Trench: DIY, Leather handbag: Zara, Fur Tail: Etsy, Ring: Ottoman Hands) #teenvogue

This isn't that Zara skirt... however, I see why the Zara one has shorts underneath, so many near crotch shots, I will have to pre-warn anyone in my company when I wear this skirt to keep their eyes out for a casual slip. This skirt is from Topshop, and I saw it floundering in the sale, it was actually cheaper than that Zara one and it is 100% wool. I was pretty darn happy with this bargain. It is held together with poppers though which leaves me with mixed feelings.

My lovely sister bought me this sweatshirt for my birthday and I love it. It is from Out of Print Clothing who make tees and sweats out of book covers, very original and perfect for fake book worms like me. I was stuck between this one and the Charlotte's web tee. The print quality on the items are great as are the core top. I highly recommend this website. Although, I do not recommend wearing a fleece sweat and a wool skirt so much blue on my skirt now...

With love from,

Em x

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Favourite Things

Winter walks. We drove out to find the last of the snow in Scotland so headed towards the ski resort in the Highlands. We succeeded in our mission and found snow. It was beautiful. This winter I felt I had missed out snow wise so this made up for it. All is forgiven weather, all is forgiven.  P.S. yes, that maybe a snow angel next to me there, just maybe.

New flats. Although I rarely wear flats on here I do wear them a lot to University or when I have to move anywhere remotely quickly, as numerous people have called me Bambi on ice while observing me in heels. I saw these "Maisy" shoes on the Topshop website and I bought the nude ones full price, then when the sale started I noticed that the black ones went in so I grabbed them too. These shoes are pretty great, they remind me of the Valentino studded shoes. They are leather and suede mix and I enjoy the colours of the studs, they are a gun metal and rose gold so it is a bit different to the normal gold and silver. I have no regrets.

Magazine piles used for shoe elevation.  All these magazines are my sisters and ended up in my room after a clear out. My summer job is to look through them and make a folder of cut outs that I like. Although I kind of like them being utilised in this way...

What are your favourite things this week?

With love from,

Em x

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Collecting the names of the lovers that went wrong

(Floral top: Topshop, Spotty trousers: H&M, Necklace: Forever21, Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pumps: Primark) #teenvogue

An attempt at the pattern clash. I love floral on floral but I have not tried that, yet, it might still happen. I thought I would already have items that would work in my wardrobe but I don't have a floral skirt?? I do not know how I have never bought one. So confused. I really want to try double polka-dot too. I can't think of much polka-dot items I have though. Seemly I just buy a new grey sweater every time I go shopping...

Have you girls tried contrasting patterns, if so link me in the comments below, I'd love to see your take!

With love from,

Em x

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And there are flowers in the garbage, and a skull under your curls

 (Cross Stitch Jacket: ASOS, Kilt: Topshop Boutique, Stripe Crop Top: River Island, Shoes: Zara, Shell necklace: Forever21, Purse: Mulberry) #teenvogue

THIS Jacket, I love it. I'd make a song about it. It is cross stitched and beautiful and ASOS you are the best. I hesitated about buying it when it appeared in the New in Section as it was pretty pricy, but then it sold out... then it came back into stock, coincidentally when students got 25% off and here we are today. Even my dad likes it, he spent ages looking at the stitching and telling me it was pretty. He did say it was like a bullfighters jacket though... The experience was actually pretty weird.

These pictures make me so excited for summer and that possible (unlikely) Scottish heatwave. Going to winter gardens are nice and all but some sun would be nice please, and while I am requesting wishes, don't make the sunny days over my exams like last time. That was just mean.

Also, as an addition, this post might be the only post I post until next week, as much as I enjoy reading all your beautiful blogs I have to study for my final exams and looking at all the ones that people link me is time consuming. However, come mid next week I will have nothing to do and I will post more regularly to make up for it. I can't wait to test out my new camera properly and showcase some new items for you, if I still fit in them after all the study induced midnight nutella eating. Hope you all have a great week and see you next Wednesday!

P.S. thanks for all the happy birthdays!
With love from,

Em x

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Favourite Things: Birthday Edit

So it was my birthday at the start of April, hence the lack of posting, but I thought I'd show some of my lovely gifts even if it is a week late. This birthday I did very well on the jewellery front,  and etsy made a killing out of my friends and family. Boyfriend bought me rose gold hoops and the pretty crystal necklace, my sister bought me the dainty silver necklace with my initial on it and some reindeer antler studs that aren't pictured. One of my girls made me the stunning pearl necklace which amazing and my bestie got me a lovely ring by Ottoman Hands which is pictured in more detail below.

My sister also got me this beautiful watercolour/ marbled scarf from Anthropologie. The weather needs to get less chilly before I can wear this though.

Last, but not least, I put my birthday money and some of my own into investing in a new camera. After much consideration I picked the Nikon D7000. I am very much a Nikon kind of girl, I was told that often Canons are not quite as sturdily made, the screws that hold it together screw into plastic, and with the Nikon it is into metal so they are easier to take apart and fix if they break. I am absolutely no camera expert though. Anyway, I was also given this beautiful leather strap for it too. I can't wait to full road test my new baby.

Again, sorry for my absence last week, I have many outfit posts coming your way though so keep your eyes peeled, if I have time, revision is in full swing.

With love from,

Emma x

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is Love, This is Porn


(Listen with the bass turned up!)

(Studded Coat: DIY, Dress: To be Adored, Shoes: Primark, Pasta earrings: DIY, Leather Bag: Zara)

I want to start off by apologising for the slightly grainy photos, it was a nightmare to take photos in this museum as the roof lights were much brighter than anywhere else, taunting me and my camera. With endless changing of the ISO setting trying to figure it out me and boyfriend gave up and had coffee instead. To cheer us up the museum had a nice dance/ martial arts demonstration going on. We left quickly as they were all wearing red capes and the whole thing felt pretty cult like  Such a shame because the setting is beautiful. Darn! Also sorry for all the breast action going on here, obviously made a deal with the devil and they are a lot bigger than the rest of me.

I love TBA, they are one of my favourite brands. This dress is 100% silk and has exposed boning on the front and a sheer back, and is so beautiful. TBA really makes the effort to make everything about their items special, the zip is like no other zip I have ever seen, the hem is sewn up a lot higher than usual and there is a lovely ruffling of the fabric around the waist. Everything has been thought about. I am so sad that TBA don't seem to exist anymore, I am slowly pilfering a collection of their items via eBay, so please don't outbid me, I will cry! Has anyone else got any items from TBA?

With love from,

Emma x
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