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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Well behaved women rarely make history

(Jumper: Pixie Market, Tutu Skirt: ASOS, shorts under: Stylestalker) #teenvogue

What better way to spend an afternoon by battling the fading sun in a tutu skirt that defies gravity and many other rules of nature. I mean obviously this skirt is great. Maybe the best thing since bread came sliced, but there are things to bare in mind. One, storage- my wardrobe is full, even if it wasn't though, fitting this guy in would be interesting. It is currently sassing it up on my dress mannequin, preventing me from getting within a meter of it. Two- it is sheer!? Why? I guess the idea is to wear it under things, but really. Three- It is so large, sitting down, and general movement become restricted. Fear of knocking everything over to the fear of actually being eaten alive by the thing are both very real realities. Oh well, long may my love affair continue. I said I liked a skirt that was good for spinning, maybe that is me done for the year.

With love from Emma,


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Placid as I melt into the sea

(Leopard Trousers: H&M Trend, Wide brimmed hat: H&M Trend, Strappy top: ASOS, Shoes: DIY, Fur Stole: H&M) #teenvogue

Little heavy on the H&M trend there girl. I openly admit that it is my favourite high-street store (ASOS for online). In case you hadn't noticed. I don't wear trousers. Personally, and I am not saying this in order for someone to attempt to change my mind, I find them unflattering on my personal body shape. My child bearing hips can be hidden in a hoop skirt, not in the dreaded jeans! Anyway, moving away from my insecurities. I couldn't pass up these trousers, as is the case with anything from H&M trend these look so much more expensive than they were. The leopard print is raised and adds a bit of texture and uniqueness to them and they are actually comfy. This is something I rarely find with trousers. 

With love from,

Emma x

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh the sky is blue forever

(Silk organza blouse: & other stories, Transformer shoes: & other stories, Tartan trousers: River Island, Strappy bra: H&M, Large leather bag: Zara, Fur Tail: Etsy) #teenvogue

Dressing like a jellyfish at the beach is a bit of  a given for me. I have a vague obsession with Jellyfish, they are truly beautiful. As you can see they feature heavily on my tumblr stream. 

Also couldn't resist dragging these plaid trou's out for another spin this winter (although I did wear them all of summer as well). They are the perfect plaid pants, not tacky, good fit and comfy, after I do some post-wash-jean-lunges, I can actually breathe.

With love from,

Emma x
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