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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Land locked blues

 (Dress: ASOS, Belt: Miu Miu, Shoes: Marni x HM, Noah's Ark bracelet and glass ring: Etsy, other bracelets D.I.Y or Tiffany's, Bag: Mulberry)

My Mulberry, or more fondly known as Mubby, is my baby. She was longed after for a few years, and I finally received her for a present for my 21st this year. Although I do hold it like a mega-brat-chelsea-girl, so apologies. The Miu Miu belt was from Ebay and was a little damaged but after my botched attempt to glue it back together and, after admitting defeat, a trip to the tailors it was no longer coming away at the seam.

 How cute is this Noah's ark bracelet, all the animals are paired up and ready for the flood? Etsy is great for stuff like this, there is so much miscellaneous stuff that you never actually thought you would need, but want anyway. Typing "Whimsical" into Etsy is always good for a laugh too.
With love from,

Emma x


  1. Your dress is so amazing ! I want it ! U look like sweet girl ! Love your style <3

  2. Thank you, that is so nice of you! It's so warm too! Perfect for winter. Here's a link to it:


  3. I really like your dress ! Amazing !



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