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Saturday, November 10, 2012




(Dress: Topshop via Ebay, Belt: Miu Miu, Shoes: Primark)

Found this little gem in the treasure trove that is Ebay, I actually never remember this being in Topshop and I worked there on and off for the last 3 years. I would have remembered this. It reminds me of that Christopher Kane dress! Dare I say that I actually prefer this Topshop knock-off?

Sorry for my ugly man feet on show here, I tried to hide them by scrunching them up into my shoes with little success. I really do hate feet, they are just ugly hands, but I saw these shoes pop up on some other bloggers page and thought I would give them a go so ventured with my tail between my legs into Primark. They are pretty good quality for the price they were but I find my skeleton feet sliding around in them, pity really as they are rather sassy shoes.


  1. Gorgeous outfit, love your heels x

    1. Thank you Stephanie! They are so good for Primark right? I was pretty impressed! x

  2. you have such a cute style, innocent but still chic



    following you now

    1. Thank you, that is such a sweet thing to say! Thanks for the follow too! I have like 5 whole followers now, so I am pretty excited!

      Emma x

  3. you have an amazing aura.. soooo cuutee... but who am i.. a stranger from abroad.. one of the ordinary person from hundreds of your fun.. but it is ok.. just to know there is such a beauty in this world.. it is ok miss..
    sirohige61@gmail.com if you see this comment.. maybe you want to write.. hope to see your email..


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