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Friday, March 1, 2013

Meggie Wood Illustration

So at the start of January I got talking to the beauty that is Meggie Wood, apart from discussions about foot/ boob sizes and deer breeding, we also discussed our mutual love of American Apparel, photography and clothes by the ton. This led to an amalgamation of my little love on the side, this blog and her talent with screen printing and art. She used a screen printing technique on a few of my pictures and these are the results:

Her talents aren't restricted and she also is absolutely amazing at painting and drawing, here are my favourites, most of which are available for purchase  and the links for this will be provided below.

I am honestly so disappointed that our collaboration is over. Meggie is such a talented lady as well as being absolutely lovely and I hope for more opportunities to work with her in the future.  And Meggie, if you ever need a face for any other mermaid paintings, please, my face is always there for you.

Being an Internet sensation, here are her online spaces; Website, Facebook and Blog. And if you love her work as much as me, you can buy prints of her work on Etsy as well as on Society 6 where you can buy her work on iPhone cases, pillows, laptop cases, basically anything your heart desires.

With love from,

Emma x


  1. I love the colour palettes of these images! So pretty. xxx

  2. I love this illustrations ! Thanks for the discovery and also thanks for your sweet comment on my blog <3


    Coline ♡

  3. She is so talented, love her artwork! The photos of yours she manipulated look amazing!

  4. amazing illustration pieces!!

    P.S:Wanna follow each other?? If you follow me i would definitely follow you back so let me know dear!!

    cheers and peace


  5. amazing photos, great effects! I loved the drawings!kisses:)
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.Nice day!

  6. These are amazing! I love how she's changed your photos!

  7. wow just amazing !
    thanks for your comment :-)

  8. Wow, these are amazing, I am going to go and check her out! xxx

  9. This post is so lovely! The technique Meggie used on your photos is so interesting and unique. I'm in love with her illustrating style too, headed off over to Meggie's blog & Etsy now for a browse :) xx

  10. Wow! What a talent you both have. Love the screen printing with your photos. Really beautiful.

  11. Wowza, thos illustrations are amazing!

    The Style Rawr!

  12. Wow, such gorgeous illustrations!

  13. Yes, she is a sensation as she should be!!!!
    Love her!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  14. This collab is AWESOME and I loved how your photographs came out! Great post girl!


    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  15. Absolutely outstanding photographs and paintings- am in love :D

    Ruth x


  16. Nice illustrations, they are beautiful!

  17. How have I only just seen this!? You sweetheart, thank you so much! My final year of my MA is going to be calling for a lot of your posing lady! Much love and thanks xxxxxxx

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