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Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Pocket Tee, One for the boys!

So the boy got Tumblr and this then led to seeing a lot of things that the internet has to offer that he would not otherwise see, and no, I am not talking about pornography. Anyway, I found him about the pull the trigger on one of these tees, I get it, it has sloths on it, but I knew it would be easy to make so I talked him out of it. So here we are, a tee that is guaranteed to fit him and a pocket with a pattern of his choice!

So pick your fabric, fabric shopping with boys is funny, so much wide eye at this unknown and magical land, so take them if possible, even if it is just for laughs.So after a while and steering him away from the curtain and vinyl fabric he was making a go for, he picked this. Good for him, it has dinosaurs and camo. What is not to love I guess?

10 cm wide strip of a fabric of your choice (or his choice)
a plain tee

Sewing machine
Thread to match your fabrics
Iron and ironing board.
Pinking shears

I was going to use a pocket from one of my dads shirts to get an idea about sizing, but upstairs seemed so far so I winged it. I cut the pocket a good 2cm bigger than I wanted it to be to make room for mistakes. I used a running stitch to do the top. I then pinned a pocket like shape together and ironed the seams flat. I them folded the pocket in half to check that it was symmetrical.

I then used pinking shears to cut the fabric closer to where I would sew the seams and to prevent the fabric from fraying out. Then pin the pocket onto the tee, I put a book between the two layers of the tee to prevent me from pining the two layers together.

Then tack the pocket on with a wide and light stitch just to hold it down before using the sewing machine.

Then after sewing with the machine, cut the tacking threads out and you are done! And here is the finished product on my model!

With love from,

Emma x


  1. This is really cool. I feel like you can do tons of these even for girls just with really cool prints and patterns :)


    1. You could basically do anything! Sky is the limit, and so easy too. With a girl you would have to be more careful about where the pocket went though!

      Em x

  2. So creative <3 lovely

  3. Cool idea!

  4. Fantastic!


  5. Wow gud one. Last day i bought a t shirt from custom printing Toronto firm. I would love to place this on my new t shirt.


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