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Monday, December 17, 2012

Favourite Things

1.  Handmade edible Gold Snitches for my Potter crazy friend. As part of my friends Christmas present I made these edible snitches for her. They are completely made from chocolate and a bit of edible glitter and gold spray, really simple and judging from my friends face and the immediate hug I experienced they were well received. Actually, she might read this. They were really difficult to make! Honest!! 

2. Inspirational words above my bed. I recently came home from University to a freshly painted room that my sister had done in my absence. Me having a white room was not really the best idea so it was in need of a new coat. Not only did my sister sort out my room, she also left this above my bed which was pretty cute of her.

3. My ultimate favourite thing of the week is my new blog header drawn and designed by my very talented friend Katie. I could only dream of drawing this on paper, let alone on a computer, I honestly squeed with excitement when I saw it for the first time.She took the Scottish theme of my blog with the Bambi and combined it with my favourite items. It is just beautiful. I could talk in admiration for hours about Katie and her work but that would be embarrassing for us both so I shall stop here. You can find her tumblr here. Oh, and she is working on a game that will soon be available on the app store so I will have to let you all know about it when it is released!

With love from,

Emma x


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